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i've not really had a good day today, my morning was good, i went for a run but i went a bit too far and nearly died when i stopped and then had to walk home, it was ridiculous. i was literally weezing, it was so gross, but i had a nice shower and cleaned so i feel a lot better.

i feel incredibly unsafe in my accomodation actually, downstairs (i live on the second floor) in the first floor kitchen a random from the street came in and lifted one of the ceiling tiles and took a bag of drugs out and then came back and did it again. this place needs more security, so now, even when i am just sitting in my room, it is constantly going to be locked.

i went to basel in switzerland yesterday, i had a really nice time, it was just scarlett and i shopping the most of the day, and that was dead nice to actually spend some time and what not. the train journey to and from was a bit funny, we missed the first train so waited an hour and went to mulhouse, which wasn't fun (granted we only saw the area round the station) and then caught the next train to basel from there and then on the way back we stopped for a while in the middle of nowhere, you know what trains are like for delays and the like.

i really hate clothes shopping sometimes you know, i really do wonder how they expect to sell clothes, aside from the fact that the majority of stuff is crap. in h&m how do they call their size small "small" i'm by no means smaller than small, but that is the lowest size they go so that's shit, i can manage it to be fair and there are more awkward places. like zara, what a jokeshop, the lowest size they go to in mens is medium, fucking medium, and i actually saw quite a few things i liked there. i can and do wear childrens clothes (when have you ever seen an 11-12 year old with the same top half as me ? and a 10-11 with the same bottom half ?) but childrens clothes are CHILDRENS CLOTHES, the majority have stupid designs on them so the only actual stuff i can get is plain boring stuff, which to be fair i do wear a lot of, but it would be nice to have something that fits nice & isn't plain. womens clothes would be the next step, which is fine for skinny jeans 'cause they're skin tight, but how the hell can i wear womens pants ? they'd just look and feel wrong. oh and don't even get me started on womens tops, they're made for women. in england i can survive 'cause topman/river island/gap and a few other high street stores do the size "xs" but here (where strangely enough the majority of the male population are thinner than in england) this is an impossibility. if i was going for designer stuff i would be fine because small is small and it fits, but let's be honest i don't really have the bank balance to be doing my clothes shopping in galeries la fayette now. i know this seems like such a trivial little rant but when i have nothing i really want to wear i don't really want to go out in just some boring any old clothes so......

i really wish i had a job here in france, my mental health and stability is getting battered, i really like to do something other than study/exercise/walk/eat. i like knowing that i'm doing something that is earning money/i have an income coming in, sad as it sounds like. i've watched so much will and grace today that i'm nearly done with it all, but to be fair i've never seen the last series so it's all new and i have done my homework today as well. oh yeah, the homework, i had to translate from spanish to french, which i thought would be quite simple, but it took twice as long as normal (which i suppose is obvious why but it didn't occur to me beforehand) because in my head i was translating to english then to french.

tomorrow i have a class in the far out campus for 45 bloody minutes at 12.45 and then another class at 5 until SEVEN ! by which point it will be practically pitch black and i may get murdered walking from the bus stop. i know i have complained a lot in this entry but it is what i do best and despite it all i am really enjoying france.
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