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i think that one of the main reasons i don't update this often at all is because i can never be bothered to sit here and list everything i've been doing since i last updated, alas, i am just going to rant from now on.

well, france is nice, althought it is kind of driving me insane not having a job, so no income except for student loan and erasmus grant. my level of french simply isn't at the standard that i could be working yet though. before i came here people always said to me that this would be the most memorable thing i ever did, you know, living abroad, i mean i know it'll be memorable, but how would i be able to forget anywhere i've ever lived ? yeah. it's not been that exciting really, it's just somewhere to live, i do find myself bored around the same amount of time, or perhaps even more because i haven't got a job ? uni is a mission, they speak and i swear a two hour lecture with no break is far too long for anyone to bother listening, and when it's in french i just loose track of what they're saying and it's hard to get back into it then, so i just switch off.

i swear as well, that no one knows when i'm not at class anyway, so i'm always really tempted not to go, except today i do have my first third year spanish class so i will go to that, but they have classes so late you know. my class on a monday starts at five ! i like to have my dinner at five thirty, so i've found myself skipping my dinner on mondays, or the class. today my class is at three, which i suppose is an acceptable time, but still, i won't be home until at least 5.30 or later, but i can work with that, i will just put my rice in a pot of water before i go so it's been washed for when i get home.

i leant one of my friends that i've only known since i've been here 100 euros today, that could have been a mistake but he lives on this floor, so it's not like i don't know where he lives, but i will get it back, i'm quite confident anyway.

just now i got an email off this french girl who wants to do one of those things where you meet up and spend half an hour talking in french, half in english, i'll email her and try to arrange a time, it really will help as i am speaking less and less french as the days go by, but i suppose it is half in english, so i should try and meet a spanish person, but why would they want to speak half in french and half in spanish with someone who isn't fluent in either ?

i don't particularly love the green tea they sell here, it always tastes a bit citrusy, or something, it's nice don't get me wrong, but i really like clipper green tea i have in england, well my mum has sent me a parcel (which should be here today, but wasnt half an hour ago) and she said there are some suprises in there, so her knowing me there will be at least one packet of tea bags in there.

i'm getting the train to basel on saturday again (i went the other week too) so that should be good, i just need to actually start keeping an eye on what i'm spending because i'm going to have no money very soon, i wonder how often the erasmus grant gets paid, i really do think it's every semester, but i could be wrong. i mean, sonal got £1800 and scarlett and i got £900 but we are going to two different countries, whereas she is staying in france, but the other people say that sonal will get another installment in the next term, so surely mine and scarlett should have got the same amount as her ? the mind boggles.

i'm cutting down smoking with an eventual aim to quit but these last few days i've smoked more than i should be, but i don't know why, i guess sometimes i just forget that i'm trying to quit, and when i did cut down, i was eating a lot more, and i know i can afford to put weight on, but i don't really want to, but it's kind of a catch 22 because whenever i eat i automatically want a cigarette, so in theory, if i just had three meals a day, a cigarette after each meal, i would smoke less, but the conundrum is, do i snack or smoke ? to be honest i'd normally just smoke, but i must fight the urge to do either.
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