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well the past week has been quite alright, several things have happened, i think i will do this in bullet points:
>went out to jilly's with fa & rachel; fifteen jagermeisters plus other alcohol, really does not make me a fun boy
>went home to see mum & went to the pilgrim & las vegas with rachel: i got the mcfly comment again, it's dead original
>met sara on sunday, it was lovely, we went for drinks & i curse myself for not starting to learn italian earlier
>started classes again, early mornings are hell
>went to see queenadreena with iain & to poptastic with him & jenny: we also met angel, fa, nikki & pam: the gig was amazing & the night out was fun
>went to see the house i was meant to be moving into, i'm going to look into leaving these halls & moving in there, money wise & to live with people i like
>talking a lot to a new friend.

and now, a picture, coz i'm gay like that

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