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the last few days have been pretty spunky.
i came back from a very (but probably deserved) overly emotional trip to nottingham, in which iain & i decided that to be friends it will be better for us not to see one another for a while, although i really do want him to come & see goldfapp with me.
sunday saw me go to welcome rachel to gaychester, we went for drinks & took pictures, which i shall upload when she gets the internet. i got very drunk & apparently made a good impression on all of rachel's flatmates, which can only be a good thing.
monday saw the worst hangover in a while & work.
tuesday, i went to get a scaffolding in my ear, and i'd be lying if i said it wasn't sexy, then i went to work. after work i met jenny, we discussed vivienne & drank wine & partook in substance abuse.
then we met rachel & went to poptastic, the music in poptastic was very good, higlights included:
>hole - celebrity skin
>gwen stefani - what you waiting for
>the bravery - an honest mistake
>peaches - fuck the pain away
>fischerspooner - emerge
>ladytron - seventeen
>kelly clarkson - since u been gone
>no doubt - just a girl
>ladytron - sugar
>peaches - shake yer dix
>placebo - nancy boy
>blondie - one way or another
>marilyn manson - this is the new shit
>girls aloud - no good advice
>ladytron - playgirl
>pink - just like a pill
>garbage - why do you love me
>miss kittin - requiem for a hit.

and i have to be up at nine to enrole at uni, great.
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